How to empty a Candle jar to reuse
Talk About Timeless Glassware…

If our charming glassware has caught your eye, we know you’ll love our tips for repurposing our candle jars. They are as beautiful as they are practical!
  1. Chill out
    Once you’ve burnt your beloved candle to the max, wait for it to cool and place in the freezer overnight or all day. This allows any remaining wax to chill and tighten, pulling away from the edges.
  2. Tip-tap away
    Remove from the freezer and (gently) tip-tap the wax out of the jar, using a padded surface such as a towel on a bench. The wax should come out in pieces, though can also be gently broken with a butter knife.
  3. Soak it all in
    After the candle has reached room temperature, allow it to soak in dishwashing liquid and warm water. This will help remove any residual wax on the side of the jar and can also help soak off the metal wick bases if not removed earlier.
  4. Wash up wonderful
    Wash each surface of the gorgeous glass with a soft cloth and rinse under clean water.
Your crystal jar will now be sparkling clean and ready to be reused for housing sugar sachets, stationery, makeup brushes or whatever you wish around the home.

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