To get the most out of your candles, we recommend practicing a little extra TLC:
  1. Get Even
    Make sure the first burn of your beautiful new candle liquefies the entire top layer of wax – this will avoid that mushroom-like memory ring candles endure when the wax tunnels rather than melting evenly. We don’t want that!
  2. Candles love a good haircut
    Keep your wicks happy by trimming them to around 0.5cm long between burns to ensure a steady, non-ashy flame. Yay!
  3. Three’s the magic number
    To maximise burn time, we recommend lighting your candle for 3 hours at a time, so that the wax burns evenly all the way to those pretty little edges.
  4. Where to place your beauty
    Keep your candle away from wind drafts, aircon and of course, anything flammable!
  5. To burn or not to burn
    We recommend to finish burning once you’ve nearly reached the bottom of your candle jar (around 2-3cms from the bottom). This will prevent the beautiful glassware being damaged and will ensure you can repurpose it! Learn how to empty your glassware safely here*
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